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  WHO AM I  

My name is Chris Horton, basketball lover, coach, talent evaluator, skills trainer, and aspiring NBA General Manager.

Quick Facts


  • Current Lead Assistant Coach, Willamette University

  • Assistant National Director, USSSA Basketball

  • Director Basketball Operations  & Coach, Taylored Athletes

  • Former Assistant Coach, Dean College

  • Former General Manager, Texas Sky Riders ABA Pro Basketball

  • Former Sales Manager

  • University of Florida Graduate (Cum Laude)

My Story

When I was six years old I was Ed Cota and my NERF hoop was the Dean Dome. The first time the dual colored foam ball went through that orange rim I was hooked. I was going to be a basketball lifer. 17 years later a few things have changed; neither I nor Ed Cota can play basketball at a high level anymore (NERF or otherwise) and I’m actually a Duke fan now. Sorry, Ed. Nevertheless, my exuberance for the game is still the same as when I was a six year old throwing imaginary alley-oops to Vince Carter. And now I’d like to think my basketball IQ is a little bit higher.


My goal is to go from NERF hoop to front office. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.


I am Chris Horton and this is Horton Basketball.


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