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Basketball KPIs by Position

By Chris Horton @HortonBBallSite

My Basketball Key Performance Indicators chart gives the ten hard skills and five soft skills I deem most important to every position.

I have always evaluated players, whether formally or informally. My Basketball KPIs chart is my new blueprint for scouting and evaluating players. For each position I have chosen the ten hard skills (basketball skills that can be measured in percentages and drills) and five soft skills (intangibles that are difficult to quantify) that I feel are the most important to NBA success. As you can see, hard skills can vary greatly from position to position while soft skills are more likely to be universal traits applicable across positions. Each skill can be scored on a scale from 1 to 10 to grade a player’s overall effectiveness in a certain skill area. The highlighted skills (both hard and soft) directly correlate with an NBA archetype for that given position. For example, a power forward who combines great size with exceptional footwork and an ability to stretch the floor is probably a good candidate to be a stretch 4-man.

I will use this chart to provide my evaluations on players going forward. Stay tuned.

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