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Rook Looks

By Chris Horton @HortonBBallSite

As rookies get their toes wet in NBA waters, I will break down their performance in a monthly spotlight entitled 'Rook Looks'.

I always like to approach everything with a scouting or coaching flare; Rook Looks is no different. Rook Looks will be a reoccurring article that I run throughout the NBA season that will put the spotlight on two rookies each month. I’ll examine stats, tendencies, strengths, opportunities, team scheme, and overall adjustment to the league.

The first edition of Rook Looks will be published in the beginning of December after I spend the first month of the season examining the Kings’ Nik Stauskas and the Heat’s Shabazz Napier. The rest of the Rook Looks schedule is as follows:

November: Nik Stauskas (SG, Sacramento Kings) & Shabazz Napier (PG Miami Heat)

December: Nerlens Noel (C, Philadelphia 76ers) & Elfrid Payton (PG, Orlando Magic)

January: Andrew Wiggins (SF, Minnesota Timberwolves) & Jabari Parker (SF, Milwaukee


February: TJ Warren (SF, Phoenix Suns) & Marcus Smart (PG, Boston Celtics)

March: Doug McDermott (SF, Chicago Bulls) & Dante Exum (PG, Utah Jazz)

Stay tuned and get your monthly dose of Rook Looks.

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