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YouTube Feature: Run It Back

By Chris Horton @HortonBBallSite

Coach Menelik Fernandes welcomes Chris Horton to the Rising Coaches YouTube Series, Run It Back.

Chris Horton on Run It Back Episode 9

Last week I was fortunate enough to be on the Run It Back podcast and YouTube series with Coach Menelik Fernandes. Coach Fernandes is one of the best coaching minds I've had the chance to be around so I was honored when he asked me to join him for an episode. During our time, Coach Fernandes and I examined one of my team's (Willamette University) games from this past season and what a potential rematch would like if both teams were to "run it back".

Matchup: Pacific University Boxers vs. Willamette University Bearcats

0:00-4:00: Intro, Premise of Run It Back, & Poll

4:00-9:10: Game One to Game 2 Adjustments -- Handling Pressure, Defensive Tweaks, Conditioning, Player Skill Development, Taking Notes During Games

9:10-11:00: Methods Of Preparation-- Film vs. On Court Work

11:10-13:20: Defining Good Shots When Playing At A Fast Pace vs. Pressure

13:20-21:10: Film Breakdown -- Shot Selection, Rebounding

21:10-22:45: Preparing For The Rematch -- Informing Shot Selection For The Future

22:45-26:58: Turnovers -- Accumulation of Decisions, Correcting Errors In Real Time

26:58-34:33: Coach Kip Ioane, Language, Communication Styles, Can I Coach You?, Coaching With Questions

34:33-38:18: Being Innovative To See Player's Perspective (Snapchat Spectacles), Reads & Decision Making Training

38:18-40:13: Fouling Too Much

40:13-57:12: Film Breakdown -- 3-2 Zone Defense, Matching Up Out Of 3-2 Zone Defense, Nebraska Wesleyan 3-2 Zone Defense, Coach Sean Jones (Maryville College), Closeouts, Floppy vs. 3-2 Zone Defense

57:12-59:17: Wrap Up

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